SkillsSG Ventures
JV of Training Providers

Many countries are on the race to expand their economies, fearing being left behind in a global winner-takes-all tussle. For many developing countries, the quickest growth strategy is attracting quality foreign direct investments (FDIs).

There are five fundamental principles to ensuring quality FDI growth:

  • Sound and stable political landscape
  • Adequate local infrastructure
  • Attractive incentives
  • Good connectivity
  • Progressive human capital policies

skillsSG ventures catalyses human capital skills development and enable the multi-billion dollar FDIs to be materialised

Who We Are

skillsSG ventures is an agglomeration of high quality training organisations in Singapore, that have strong commitments to invest their collective skills capital in countries with high FDI growth potentials.

We believe that skills development is fundamental to a country’s ability to attractive FDIs. We will support local government to catalyse their multi-billion dollars FDI growth by providing the required skills supply.

List of Members :

Ascendo Consulting Pte LtdF&B, Security, Environmental Cleaning and Hospitality Skills
Focus Learning Centre Pte LtdEnvironmental Cleaning and Waste Management
Lithan Academy Pte LtdDigital Skills Accelerator
TaF.tcTextile and Fashion training for Retailers, Buying Agents and Apparel Manufacturers
Xprienz Pte LtdF&B, Retail, Spa Services, Human Resources
Training Vision Institute Pte LtdLeadership and People Management, Employability, Business Management, Workplace Literacy and Numeracy, Basic IT Literacy, Service Excellence
Eduquest International Institute Pte LtdHospitality, Safety and Health, Productivity, Info-Comm TechHospitality, Safety and Health, Productivity, Info-Comm Tech
Competency-Based Learning and Development Pte LtdEnvironmental Cleaning, HR, Train-the-Trainer, Domestic Care, Caregivers Programme

How We Do

skillsSG ventures is a skills-market access vehicle, opening the doors for best-in-class Singapore and other international training organisations to establish their skills institutes in fast developing economies.

We establish the platforms for governments and local providers to benefit from international skills investments.

What We Do

Connection Conjunction Capitalisation Credentialization
Connect with local government to chart skills policies. Bring together relevant portfolio of skills providers. Catalyse investments for development of skills institute. Engage authorities on skills development maps.
Link up with FDIs to map skills needs. Aggregate capabilities of providers. Align government and non-governmental funding supports. Work with industry bodies on certification recognition.
Collaborate with local universities, colleges and training establishments to co-develop skills pipelines. Establish micro-financial mechanisms. Customise skills system for organisational implementation.
Seek employer co-funding.

The Team